QoQ2017 Registrations are now closed. See you all at the Venue! Here's the Google Map Venue Location - Cambridge English School Mangaf, Kuwait - https://goo.gl/maps/muyQftpzwAN2​

QoQ2017 Finals on 24th of Nov 2017..

​The quiz is open to all residents of Kuwait, in groups of 3, irrespective of age, educational qualifications or nationality.
The prelims round and the final round will be hosted by Pickbrain on 24th November 2017, drawing questions from a variety of international topics such as history, geography, science, nature, politics, literature, arts & culture, movies, sports and curren`t affairs.

How to participate:
Form a team of 3 members. 
Give your team a name (There is a prize for the most innovative name!!!).
Write the names of your team members and nominate a captain.
Complete all the details in the form available

And you are ready to make it to the venue Auditorium - Cambridge English School, Mangaf, Kuwait on 24th November 2017. Registration Desk at the venue starts at 3:30 pm.               ​