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Tell Us What Interests you!


As a core principle of this organization, we encourage you to come forward and express your interests. We are keen to know your passion as it might help shape our future events. If you are interested in sports such as Cricket, Football, and Badminton or in singing, or dancing, we would love to know your hobbies. If quizzing is your favorite past-time, or if stand-up is your cup of tea, we are all ears! Apart from these, if there are any suggestions on improvements/inclusions of something, please let us know.

IIT IIM Kuwait, as an organization, would love to encourage its members to engage in events to propagate a sense of shared family. All ideas are welcome on plans for the upcoming occasions. Cultural, educational, or business-oriented get-togethers are welcome. Please share your thoughts. 




Reveal Your Interests

Your feedback is highly appreciated. Based on your feedback below, we can shape the clubs and events in IIT IIM Kuwait and better cater to the enthusiasm of the members

Thanks for submitting!

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