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We recognize that our actions cannot be independent of the community that we intend to support and therefore a close cooperation with community members – individuals as well as organizations, is the key to achieve the intended objectives. We are a self-funded association with membership fees catering to the day-to-day running of our operations. However, organizing community and professional events may entail costs well beyond our current resources and therefore we may have to depend on contributions in the form of sponsorship funds. We believe that by associating yourselves with us, you not only enter into a mutually beneficial relationship, but also contribute significantly to the wider community.

Below we provide details the sponsorship opportunities available for your organization and the benefits of such sponsorship.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Signature event

The association's signature event is an annual event featuring talks and seminars by eminent guests of international repute. Details will be made available shortly.

Professional events

These events comprise workshops and lectures, covering various topics of interest, delivered by members of the association. The association may co-host such events along with other professional associations in Kuwait.

Cultural events

Get together of alumni members and their families.

Benefits to our sponsors:

Some of the immediate benefits of associating yourselves with our events are:

  • Substantial public relations coverage - as Event Sponsors, your name and logo are integrated into the event branding

  • Opportunity for a company representative to deliver brief remarks (2-3 minutes) at the VIP Reception

  • Access for your employees to professional events organized by the association

  • Unparalleled relationship-building opportunities through alumni networking events

  • Receive printed copies of the IIT IIM Alumni in Kuwait address book

  • Get featured in Alumni Newsletters

  • Positive community impact

Contact Us :

Please contact for more details.

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